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EBK Cross

The new standard of Care for Bownman's layer conserving corneal crosslining for treating keratoconus.

EBK (Epi-Bowman’s Keratectomy) - Cross is the only procedure that removes the epithelium layer by layer, leaving Bowman’s layer completely intact and creating clear and graduated borders that enables maximal ribofl avin absorption for enhanced healing enables uniform ribofl avin absorption for faster and enhanced re-epithelialization.
With EBK™ epithelium-off crosslinking, the outer portion of the cornea (epithelium) is removed to allow the application of ribofl avin, a type of B vitamin, into the cornea, which then is activated with UV light. Epithelium-off corneal crosslinking allows faster penetration with liquid ribofl avin and equires less ribofl avin loading time. Corneal crosslinking with ribofl avin and UV-A light has proven to be an ideal fi rst-line treatment for people with eye conditions such as keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration and corneal weakness (ectasia) after LASIK.

EBK creates the optimal conditions for successful corneal crosslinking and lowers risk of haze. EBK completely preserves corneal biomechanical integrity, protecting the cornea from further damage, and creates optimal conditions for regularized and smooth corneal epithelium healing compared with other mechanical epithelium removal methods. In addition, EBK reduces post-op pain and lowers risk of complications.

Unique design for fast, sterile procedure

The Epi-Clear device is a patent protected single use handle and tip made from recyclable materials. Each device is intended for single use on one eye only.The special ergonomic design allows physicians full control on multiple positions either in the operating room or outside of it.


  • High Safety Profile
    Disposable device means less risk of inflammation and infection
  • Better outcomes
    Uniform riboflavin absorption, Faster re-epithelialization and recovery and reduced risk of haze actors
  • Fast
    Epithelial layer removal in only 8 seconds 
  • Leaves the tissue smooth
    No epithelial cell residue
  • Reproducible
    Creates a reproducible and precise treatment bed for optimal crosslinking treatment
  • Rapid Recovery
    Minimally invasive procedure allows the epithelium to completely heal and leaves no epithelium carring
  • Patient Comfort
    Short recovery time and maximal patient comfort
  • Max K value reduction
    Studies have shown a substantial Max-K value reduction after 3-8 months
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EBK Cross
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